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Frequently asked questions

How does your service work?

Once you have signed up through Paypal, we will send you an email which details how to set up our software, along with a unique username and password.
You will receive the email, usually within 12 hours (please allow for "normal office hours"), however, we usually aim to get the details to you within the hour.
Set-up is straightforward, following the instructions we include on the email and you'll be watching UK TV within a matter of minutes.

Will the service work with my PC?

Our service works with 99% of PC's - we have dedicated software for Windows XP & Windows Vista. We also have details on how to set the service up on your MAC, and also the iPhone. Finally, we've also set the service up on Linux PC's, however, a good knowledge of how to use the O/S is advisable.

What equipment do I need?

You only need an internet connection (we recommend at least 1MB), and a computer. That's it. You can now watch the TV channels on your PC.

With the correct cables & converters, you can also link your PC to your TV. Speak with your local computer store regarding the correct cables needed.

How long am I committed?

You're only committed to the current month's service you've paid for. If you've signed up for the monthly service, you can cancel your service with us whenever you choose.

Will I be receiving retransmitted TV programs? Is the service legal?

We don't retransmit any British TV channels, as that would be illegal. We simply sell you the access to our servers which accesses the UK internet network. This allows your computer to then behave as if it's located in the UK. With our special toolbar we provide, this navigates you to the various TV channels available at the click of a button.


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