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I'm unable to install the software you included when I set up my account?

Are you using a MAC computer? If you are, then you need to manually setup a connection. You can find details of how to do this here.

With Windows Vista / Windows 7, there are two types of operating system architectures. There is the 32 Bit version, and 64 Bit version. If you are unsure which you are using, click on "Computer" in the start menu, then "System Properties" - it will tell you here which you are using.

To download the 32 Bit dialer software CLICK HERE

To download the 64 Bit dialer software CLICK HERE

I've installed the software but after entering my username & password, set the VPN Destination, yet I am unable to connect.

First of all, make sure you are actually connected to the internet and that you can visit normal websites. If your internet service provider is not working, then our service is unable to connect.

Sometimes your PC will have software which automatically bans VPN connections. Known programs are ZoneAlarm and Microsoft OneCare. If you have these running, please follow the links to enable these to function correctly.
Zone Alarm Setup

If you have any other programs blocking access and need help, please contact us.

Connection Speed Issues

The program I'm watching keeps starting/stopping

This could be down to a number of reasons.

Firstly you need to check the speed of your broadband connection. is a great tool for checking how fast your internet connection is operating. Click on your country of residence when the map of the world appears.
Remember, you need at least 1MB broadband connection - and obviously the faster the connection, the better.

We've noticed that some ISP's don't actually provide you with the service you've paid for, so if your internet connection is constantly below what it's supposed to be, contact your local provider.

At peak times of the day, you also find that your broadband speed provided by your ISP can drop significantly, again, the website can show this.


I'm having trouble connecting to the UK Server

Currently we provide access to 12 different UK servers through which you can connect in order to watch UK TV. On occasion, the server you're connected to may be unavailable and you'll need to connect to a different server.

When you open the dialer, if your computer is set to automatically set to CONNECT AUTOMATICALLY, then quickly click CANCEL.
Click PROPERTIES, and from the “VPN Destination” pull down menu, simply choose ANY of the UNITED KINGDOM servers – change it to a different one to the one you're currently showing. Click OK.
Now, click CONNECT. After a few seconds, you’ll be connected to the new server and able to watch TV again.


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